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Me I’m currently attending IUPUI as a sophomore and working at getting my bachelors degree in Computer Graphics Technology(CGT). Where my great journey will begin. I’m mainly focusing on the animation side of CGT using maya to make these animations, but I also have a strong passion for creating artwork in vector programs like illustrator. I focus mainly on figure drawing making celebrities in different shows that I watch. Usually doing this in my free time. Passion I have always had a passion for creating things. From building LEGO’s to building forts as a kid. Processing things in my head to see the outcome before it’s happened is part of this. Just like all my artwork pieces. I picture how I want things to come out, but always end up adding a twist to it. I am wanting to become a video game designer or work in animation films. I got the passion from playing an abundant video games and watching numerous animated films. I pay attention to every detail that goes into producing a work of art. To me it is truly spectacle how these are made and I hope I can do something great in the future with them.
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